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( is currently being updated !!! ) GIGS - Monday BSP RADIO "US - TechnoHouse.FM "US - Peja-FM Deephouse "DE - h Power Hot Mix 100 "PA - DeepIn "CH - Peja-FM Mainstage "DE - GIGS - Tuesday Paris ONE "FR Enigman Radio "ES NEW GENERATION "IT Peja-FM Deephouse "DE - GIGS - Wednesday Peja-FM Deephouse "DE Vombart Radio "UK GIGS - Thursday: FM1"US Lfo radio "US Paris ONE "FR Peja-FM Deephouse "DE 100 STAIRS "NL GIGS - Friday: UZIC-FM "CH Peja-FM Mainstage "DE Ibiza Radio Club "BE Department 1 "PL Peja-FM Deephouse "DE GIGS - Saturday: SS-Radio "UK Peja-FM Deephouse "DE ParisONE "FR GIGS - Sunday: EnationFM "US FM1"US Peja-FM Deephouse "DE UZIC-FM "CH

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PEER VAN MLADEN, THE ELECTRONIC DANCE MUSIC PRODIGY TAKING THE WORLD BY STORM by "Dino - Official Global DJ Rankings - 2023 · DJ Peer van Mladen is a name that needs little introduction, having taken the world by storm with his unique blend of techno, trance, and house music. Born and raised in Belgrad, van Mladen’s rise to fame has been nothing short of phenomenal, having established himself as one of the most significant talents on the electronic dance music scene. His journey began in his early years when he discovered electronic music and knew that it was his calling. In his teenage years, he began exploring different genres, honing his craft as a DJ, and playing at local clubs. It wasn’t long before his exceptional talent was spotted, and he began playing across the globe, gracing some of the finest clubs and festivals with his presence. Van Mladen’s approach to music is a reflection of his diverse musical background, having studied jazz, blues, and rock music. Combining this with his love for electronic music, he has created a unique sound that is entirely his own, captivating audiences worldwide. One of his most memorable performances was at Tomorrowland 2019, where he had the entire arena dancing wildly to his beats. Van Mladen also played at the iconic Berghain Club in Berlin, showcasing his exceptional talent and accepting the overwhelming crowd ovation. Van Mladen’s love for music is evident, spending endless hours pouring over music, searching for new sounds, and experimenting with different styles and genres. He consistently pushes himself to the limits, never compromising on the quality of his music, and always aiming to provide his fans with the perfect musical experience. What sets van Mladen apart from the rest is how he has maintained accessibility with his roots in the Belgrad club scene, still performing at local clubs to inspire the new generation of music lovers. Van Mladen is a true artist; he sees his music as an expression of both his talent and his creativity. He has become a beacon of electronic dance music and an inspiration to many aspiring music producers. Offstage, Van Mladen is a humble and gracious individual. He treats everyone with respect and often gives back to the community through charitable initiatives. In a world where fame and fortune are a priority, van Mladen has remained grounded, a true testament to his character. In conclusion, DJ Peer van Mladen is a musical prodigy who has taken the world by storm. His exceptional talent and passion have made him one of the most sought-after DJs globally, loved, and adored by his fans. He is a true inspiration to aspiring music producers and artists, and his music continues to captivate audiences worldwide. ---------------------------------------------- Peer van Mladen ( born May 3, 1989 in Belgrade, Republic of Serbia ), better known as Predrag Jugovic or simply Jugovic, is a Serbian dance music composer and DJ. Predrag Jugovic – Assets and Income Estimated assets of Peer van Mladen: $ 8 million Merit of Peer van Mladen per appearance: the $ 50 000 Birth 3 May 1989 Born in Belgrade / Serbia Full Name: Predrag Jugovic Marital status: Unmarried Occupation: DJ, producer, entrepreneur Nationality: Serbian Height: 1,80 m Assets estimated at about $ 8 million Today Salaries five-figure Behind the stage name Peer van Mladen hides Predrag Jugovic, who was born on 3 May 1989 in Serbia. He was magically drawn to the activity of a DJ early on. At the age of 18 years it was finally time, he started his career in the genre: Deep House, Minimal and Techno. The first successes were not long in coming. Starting in 2006, he began to push his own productions and build your own plate sales. In summer 2006 the first Vinyls Singel name Club Med appeared. A few years later he founded his own label: Peja Records, Peja Music, Peja Digital Music and PejaINTERgroup. He is also managing director since this record label, which has numerous DJs and artists under contract and thus current revenue guarantees. The labels include the possession of this Serbens. Peer van Mladen can look back to this day in many publications singles. The albums still bring remuneration without further effort a. In 2014 he creates his first chart positions named Peer van Mladen “Let me have you.” This was followed by productions for various colleagues and different pseudonyms. Diskografie Peer Van Mladen Predrag Jugovic assets His single “Peer van Mladen – Let me have you” not only caused a stir, but was rewarded in 2014 with the award “Best 20 tracks of Germany” at the Music leaderboard Germany. This award he could not defend the following year and took in addition also many other prizes. The international breakthrough followed in the summer of 2010 with the Number 11 in the official Dj Ranking / Dj List ". This place among the top 20 deejays in the world for months-years made the artist slowly but surely to Deejay Superstar Shortly after, the single “Friday2Friday” which was financially successful cooperation with “with you”. More than 1000000 records sold, numerous awards and his record label ensure that Peer van Mladen is the internationally successful DJ from Serbia. Around 50,000 dollars can collect for one of his legendary performances Peer van Mladen today. He is indeed well below the top earners in the industry like Tiesto or Skrillex, but can live quite well. More than 8 million dollars in annual revenue for Peer van Mladen Source wikipedia:

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